No matter what industrial problem you have, we've already been part of the solution.


When you've been in business as long as we have and faced technology's increasingly rapid developments, you learn a few things. Or, in our case, more than a few. We have simple, ready-to-implement solutions for almost every problem.  And, if you bring us something new,we would love to work with you to find the solution.


We regularly coat engine headers, valve covers exhaust pipes, grills and bumpers. 

We have a saying around the office. It goes, "There's no problem an we won't solve."


If you need a team of experienced folks who understand how the things work and how to make it work for you, we're here to help.

Coatings are ceramic or ceramic-metalic coatings that are sprayed on the part in a liquid medium.  Powder coatings are elecrostatatically applied powders that are then melted together under lower heat conditions.  Powder coating will not survive the high temperatures that the ceramic coatings will.

High Performance

High Temperature

Corrosion - Resistant